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As one of the up-and-coming nonprofit organizations in the country, California Technology Foundation (CTF) is committed to being an organization of excellence for its volunteers, staff, and directors.

CTF's team is made up of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who value making a difference in the lives of the children, youth and their families. We foster a spirit of teamwork because it is the combined work of our volunteers, staff, and directors that make our mission to help children succeed into productive leaders of tomorrow.

We invite you to find out how you can join CTF and be part of the team.

Whether your mission is to protect wildlife, help disabled people, educate or offer financial services it can be achieved with significant social impact if we work together. That is why CTF is constantly looking for new volunteers.

Since its inception CTF has worked with numerous volunteers. We have and continue to work with volunteers to better achieve our goals or set new ones. Through volunteers CTF has increased the efficiency of its programs. Without the help of volunteers, CTF and its programs would not have been as successful as they are and have been.

CTF is always looking for additional volunteers to reach a common goal to better our communities. CTF welcomes you to join our team.

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