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The California Technology Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated in providing the best environment for our younger generation to succeed. The organization accomplishes this by helping students who are “At-Risk” of academic failure and involvement with gangs. CTF currently offers and operates a variety of programs that help communities and students who are “At-Risk.”

The Kids
CTF currently services children in grades K – 12 from the Los Angeles area where the youth is “At-Risk.” Children described as at-risk, are at risk of educational failure, dropping out of school, or involvement in criminal or delinquent activities, and those whose environment, circumstances, and resulting attitudes may discourage them from completing high school or from going on to a productive adulthood in society and the workplace.

The Volunteers
The volunteers of CTF are the “Angles” and the back bone of the organization. They tutor children, take them on field trips and many other educational activities. To join the “Angles,” please visit our Volunteer page.

The Board
CTF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors whose primary responsibility is the fiscal health of the organization.

The Donors
California Technology Foundations is a 501(c)3 organization funded entirely by donations. CTF welcomes any and all contributions to the children including those from individuals, corporations, foundations, and the government.

The Organization
CTF is recognized by the Department of the Treasury as an organization described in section 501(c)3 of Internal Revenue Code. CTF’s Employer Identification Number, for income tax purposes, is 65-1271435. Gifts to CTF are deductible for income tax purposes and in the manner and to the extent provided by the law.

The Staff
CTF’s day-to-day activities are run by a small group of hard-working dedicated staffers. The staff of CTF tries hard to get the children the services they need and make sure the volunteers have the tools they need to be as helpful as possible to the children.

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